Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This isn't working

We have tried without even a glimmer of success to introduce our two kitties to each other. We don't expect them to be "best buddies", but Mr. Pumpkin is definitely not willing to share our affections. Today was the final straw--after an hour of posturing Kyla grew tired of the "dance" and began to walk away. (I think she shrugged her shoulders, but with cats it's kinda hard to tell).

Pumpkin was all over her like white on rice--he had her by the throat and I know in my heart he would have killed her if given a chance.

So, we are resigned to having two cats in two "safe" places within our home. It's a big house--I know we can make it work. I'm disappointed, but I'd rather take turns with kitties than given up either one of them.

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