Friday, May 25, 2012

Houdini and the Heart Attack

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that in addition to Pumpkin, we have a senior kitty in our house named Kyla--Kyla has been with us since the age of about 6 months. She is now almost 12 years old.

From almost Day 1 we have allowed her to go outdoors with a harness and leash. She loves it! Yes, the leash and harness are mandatory--we have far too many predators (coyotees, raccoons, bear) in our area to allow one of our little kitties to roam about freely.

We thought--why not give Pumpkin a chance to get out and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, sights and sounds as Kyla does. So, we got out the leash and harness, cinched the buckles really tight, and out the door we went.

Everything was going fine--he was just slowly wandering about, stopping to sniff here and there, and seeming to be having a great little kitty excursion. Suddenly, the switch flipped and he was freaking out, twisting and turning and...the harness was empty. He had wriggled his way out of the harness and darted--where??!!

We lived in a heavily forested area and in an instant he had disappeared. I was beside myself with fear (for him) and disbelief (in my own stupidity in allowing this to happen). Thank goodness rational heads prevailed. My daughter ran into the house and moments later brought out a can of cat food. We popped open the can, set it down on the edge of our road, and moments later heard a timid little "meow".

Out crept Pumpkin. We scooped him up into our arms and quickly brought him back into the safety of our house and his home.

Kyla was sitting at her window, watching the entire scene unfold. I wonder if she was cheering him on ("make a break for it!") or disappointed when we brought him back in ("rats, the little bastard is back").

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