Saturday, March 24, 2012


Dear Pumpkin - You have lived in our house since last summer. In that time, I've come to understand your likes and your dislikes. And I know the joys in your life (that's easy--there are only two--food, and catnip).

I've seen you rolling on the floor, instantly in ecstacy. I've seen you dash through the house in a frenzied state of cat-ti-tude. But I was not prepared for what happened this evening.
My daughter gave you a new kitty treat--a tooth-cleaning kibble filled with catnip.

Apparently that is the real meow-y wowie!

You didn't roll on the floor, you levitated. You didn't dash through the house, you flew on wings. And you made sounds I've never before heard on this earth--a cross between a meow and the squawk of the Aflac Duck. And then a well-deserved nap on the back of the sofa  (**sigh**). You are cute when you're asleep.

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